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Uttarakhand, which used to be called Uttaranchal, is a state in the northwest of India. It shares borders with the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh in the northwest, Tibet Autonomous Region of China in the northeast, Nepal in the southeast, and the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh in the south and southwest.

The state of Uttaranchal became India’s 27th state on November 9, 2000. It was made out of the state of Uttar Pradesh. In January 2007, the name of the new state was changed to Uttarakhand, which means “northern region.” This was the original name for the area. Area 20,650 square miles (53,483 square km). Pop. (2011) 10,086,292

It has many glaciers, rivers, lush forests, and snow-capped mountains, making it a rich supply of natural resources. The four most important Hindu pilgrimage sites, known as the Char-dhams, are located in the Himalayas. These are the temples of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. Indeed, this is God’s Land (Dev Bhoomi). The state capital of Uttarakhand is Dehradun. When it comes to resorts in the Indian submountain regions, this is one of the best. The Dun Valley is home to the city, which is on the confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna rivers.



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